How Pool Builders Help Increase Your Home’s Value

There’s plenty methods to increase your home’s value, but perhaps one of the best way to do so is by installing a pool. Aside from improving the property’s worth, they’re can also provide you with a fun recreational activity. Pool builders in Orange County can assist you on the journey of increasing your investment.
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Important Pool Safety Tips to Consider

Keeping up with pool maintenance is paramount for preventing mold and algae growth. Below are some quick tips that can help you keep your pool clean and healthy.

Test the Water

To make sure your pool is at the right pH levels, you need to perform regular tests throughout the week. You can buy affordable sample kits that come with the recommended equipment.

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When Is It Time to Remodel Your Swimming Pool?

Pool builders can help you construct the brand-new pool of your dreams. They can also help you ensure the pool in the property you grew up in, inherited, or bought won’t be the stuff of nightmares.

Here are a few signs and scenarios when remodeling your swimming pool might be in order.

Faulty mechanics and equipment

First and foremost, you should remember remodeling isn’t confined to a pool’s design; it’s often done to serve a pool’s function. An older pool is likely to have dated (and probably faulty) filters, pumps, drains, and pipes, which could lead to problems ranging from leaks to contaminated water.

Deteriorated design elements

Perhaps you like the design of your old pool. Who needs all the modern minimalism with zen gardens and sleek glass enclosures? To you, kidney-shaped pools and mosaic-tiled steps are the best.

That doesn’t mean you should skip a fixer-upper. Cracked deck tiles, loose flooring, and rusting handrails all compromise swimmers’ safety. Thankfully, they can be upgraded quickly.

An outmoded look

And, then, perhaps, you don’t like everything about your old pool’s design. For example, you may want to keep the shape but add a few modern touches to its color and surroundings.

Add newer lights, water features, safety enclosures, a deck, a bar – any of these elements can breathe new life into your backyard.

Happy mediums

Once you start adding modern design elements, the safety and functionality of your pool can also improve. New pool deck paint would have ultraviolet ray and weather protection. Tiles could have non-slip protection. Lights and rails would help avert accidents.

You’ll have a modern, 21st century pool – without actually having to build one.

Steps to Designing Your Pool with the Help of Custom Pool Builders


Turning your backyard into a haven with a stunning pool involves several factors, such as features, landscaping, and lighting. However, one of the most crucial steps in the process is designing the pool itself. The look and layout of your pool can make or break the project.

That’s why it’s essential that you understand how the design process works, even if you’re working with expert pool builders in Orange County, CA.

Define its Purpose

Any home addition should have a purpose. Your pool shouldn’t just look beautiful, but should also be functional for the entire family to fully enjoy. Your design should be based on how you want to use it. Is it mainly for exercise, relaxation, or entertainment? Answering this will help you decide on the size and shape. If it will be used by kids, then you can determine the proper safety tools to add to it as well. Whatever purpose you have in mind, the design should reflect that.Read more on this article.

The Different Ways You and Pool Builders Can Enhance Your Home’s Pool

PIC #1-UC-11.15.16.jpg

The pool for many homeowners is a sanctuary, a place they go when they want to cool off and escape. Fortunately for you, there are many ways you can enhance this area so that it is elegant and long-lasting.

Incorporate Creative Lighting

Just like with homes, lights set the mood for those around the pool. They create a festive vibe and invoke certain emotions depending on what color is chosen. If you are looking for elegant lights designed to last a long time, opt for LED lights.

Capable of working for up to 50,000 hours, LED lights are completely cool to the touch. You don’t have to worry about your family members getting burned in case they get too close. Additionally, LED lights come in different colors. Choose colors that are vibrant, like red and blue, for a dramatic look at night. Read more on this article.

The Importance of Planning in Building a Pool

Building a pool is considered a major construction project. Before you set out and give the go signal to your contractors to start working on the pool, you should first take into careful consideration the planning and design. Here are some tips to help you communicate your ideas better to your pool builders.

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