How to Maximize Your Pool Area

When you host a lot of people and gatherings in your pool, you need to ensure that your guests are comfortable and the pool space doesn’t look or feel cramped. if your pool space leans on the tight, you need to implement a few measures that open the space up. Your Orange County, CA pool builders share with you some tricks that you can use to make the pool area seem larger and more spacious than it truly is.


Choose light furniture that do not take too much space, preferably those that can be folded and put away. Likewise, shelves and counters on a wall can give you the functionality of a large table without taking too much floor area.


Instead of potted plants, consider using a vertical garden where you can have hanging plants to add a touch of green to your outdoor pool. An added benefit of a vertical garden is that you can still view the plants while you’re in the pool, so there’s more for you to see and enjoy.


Light colors around your pool can make the pool area look roomier. In contrast, dark colors can make the space look smaller. Likewise, choose pool furniture and accessories in lighter colors as well for an overall spacious effect.


Remove any items from the pool that are not in use, whether it’s the grille or simply your floating furnishings. When storing pool accessories, it’s best to store these items away from the pool, such as in a garage or carport. When you have limited pool space, even little things like this can make a huge impact in making the area look spacious.


Let Professional Pool Builders Build You Dream Swimming Pool Design


Getting a pool can surely increase your property’s value. A more tangible advantage you can enjoy from adding one in your backyard, however, is your unfettered access for some rest and recreation anytime you may need it.

How big your swimming pool is going to be will ultimately depend on how much space you have in your property; it could also be an indoor one instead of being in the backyard if that is what you prefer. Apart from the size, another factor to consider is the design of the pool. For this, you need to consult with professional pool builders to determine which one suits your property best. Read more on this Article:

How Pool Builders Help Increase Your Home’s Value

There’s plenty methods to increase your home’s value, but perhaps one of the best way to do so is by installing a pool. Aside from improving the property’s worth, they’re can also provide you with a fun recreational activity. Pool builders in Orange County can assist you on the journey of increasing your investment.
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Pool Builders Help Enhance Your Small Yard with a Customized Pool


A swimming pool not only increases your property value, but it also provides homeowners a place to relax, exercise, and cool off, especially during the summer months. However, owners of small backyards often discard the idea of a pool because they believe it requires too much space.

Fortunately, a small yard is really not a problem for expert pool builders. By following the following tips, you can possess your dream pool, regardless of your yard space.

It’s not about the space, but the shape

Building a beautifully designed pool depends not only on how much space is available for the pool builders, but how well they can utilize the pool’s shape to maximize the space given. Square pools are great for backyards with limited space, while rectangular pools look tantalizing when located between the house and its landscape. Kidney-shaped and circular pools look great with patterned tiles on concrete yards. Read more from this blog.

Important Pool Safety Tips to Consider

Keeping up with pool maintenance is paramount for preventing mold and algae growth. Below are some quick tips that can help you keep your pool clean and healthy.

Test the Water

To make sure your pool is at the right pH levels, you need to perform regular tests throughout the week. You can buy affordable sample kits that come with the recommended equipment.

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Swimming Pool Installation FAQs

Having a swimming pool built in your background can be an overwhelming process. As you move forward with your decision, you’ll soon find yourself facing major budget, design, and construction questions. If you’re in the market for an inground swimming pool, your friendly Orange County, CA pool builders answer a few common questions that you may have about the process.

How long will the swimming pool construction take?

The length of time to construct a pool depends on the type. Pre-fabricated pool materials such as fiberglass usually take a quick three to six weeks to complete. Pools that are constructed onsite, such as concrete pools, can take anywhere from two to five months on average.

Do I need a pool heater?

If you plan to swim only during the hot months, then you can do away with a pool heater. However, if you want to extend your swimming season to the cold months, consider getting one. A gas or other fuel-based heater can help you enjoy your pool all-year round.

Does swimming pool water harm plant life around the pool?

No, as long as the chlorine content in your pool doesn’t exceed the recommended levels. Chlorine in a pool is usually 1 part-per-million (ppm), and this is very similar to the water that comes out of your faucet.

Do in need to drain my pool during winter?

No. Pool materials can handle the drop in temperature better with water, because the water acts as a buffer against the cold. An empty pool is also more susceptible to cracking and popping out of the ground because there’s nothing to fight against the pressure of the ground water.

When Is It Time to Remodel Your Swimming Pool?

Pool builders can help you construct the brand-new pool of your dreams. They can also help you ensure the pool in the property you grew up in, inherited, or bought won’t be the stuff of nightmares.

Here are a few signs and scenarios when remodeling your swimming pool might be in order.

Faulty mechanics and equipment

First and foremost, you should remember remodeling isn’t confined to a pool’s design; it’s often done to serve a pool’s function. An older pool is likely to have dated (and probably faulty) filters, pumps, drains, and pipes, which could lead to problems ranging from leaks to contaminated water.

Deteriorated design elements

Perhaps you like the design of your old pool. Who needs all the modern minimalism with zen gardens and sleek glass enclosures? To you, kidney-shaped pools and mosaic-tiled steps are the best.

That doesn’t mean you should skip a fixer-upper. Cracked deck tiles, loose flooring, and rusting handrails all compromise swimmers’ safety. Thankfully, they can be upgraded quickly.

An outmoded look

And, then, perhaps, you don’t like everything about your old pool’s design. For example, you may want to keep the shape but add a few modern touches to its color and surroundings.

Add newer lights, water features, safety enclosures, a deck, a bar – any of these elements can breathe new life into your backyard.

Happy mediums

Once you start adding modern design elements, the safety and functionality of your pool can also improve. New pool deck paint would have ultraviolet ray and weather protection. Tiles could have non-slip protection. Lights and rails would help avert accidents.

You’ll have a modern, 21st century pool – without actually having to build one.