How Pool Builders Help Increase Your Home’s Value

There’s plenty methods to increase your home’s value, but perhaps one of the best way to do so is by installing a pool. Aside from improving the property’s worth, they’re can also provide you with a fun recreational activity. Pool builders in Orange County can assist you on the journey of increasing your investment.

Pool Selection

How much pool builders can increase your home’s value depends upon the type of pool you choose to invest in. While an above-ground pool with a wraparound deck might look nice, for investment purposes, an in-ground pool tends to add more equity to the home. In-ground pools tend to be in higher demand than their above-ground counterparts, but this isn’t to say that an above-ground pool can’t increase your property’s value somewhat.

Landscaping Options

Whether or not you choose to include some landscaping features around the pool area will also affect how much increase in value you’ll get. Generally, the more landscaping you have, the more your property will be worth. Pool areas that look like an outdoor oasis complete with a waterfall feature, pond filled with coy or other fish, potted and planted plants, pergolas, outdoor kitchen and living areas and so on tend to tack more value onto your property’s value than pool areas that haven’t been landscaped. Concrete, tiles, decking and more all increase the value of your home.

Professional pool builders can draw up plans and layouts to better gauge how much you can increase your home’s value. Don’t be hesitant to offer up suggestions.



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