Important Pool Safety Tips to Consider

Keeping up with pool maintenance is paramount for preventing mold and algae growth. Below are some quick tips that can help you keep your pool clean and healthy.

Test the Water

To make sure your pool is at the right pH levels, you need to perform regular tests throughout the week. You can buy affordable sample kits that come with the recommended equipment.

Ideally, your pool’s pH levels should be around 7.4-7.6. If the levels are not correct after testing, you should add more chemicals like calcium and stabilizers until your pool is properly balanced. Some chemical levels you’ll need to regularly inspect include total alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, and free chlorine.

If you need advice on performing these tests, talk to pool builders. They have industry knowledge and can provide insights you may not have considered, to help keep your pool at the perfect levels throughout the year.

 Skim the Pool’s Surface

Keeping a pool clean also involves skimming the surface, getting rid of things like leaves and debris that collect over time. Not only does this better your pool’s appearance, it prevents bacteria from spreading.

You should skim at least twice a week, or possibly more depending on how the weather has been in your area. Try to use a skimmer with a long handle — so you can reach all areas of your pool with no problem.

As long as you properly maintain your pool on a regular basis, you shouldn’t have any problems with mold, bacteria, or algae growth.



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