Pool Types to Consider Installing

In terms of in-ground pools, you have many great options like fiberglass and concrete. Each option comes with many benefits that you’ll need to assess before the project can start.


Fiberglass in-ground pools are coveted for their easy maintenance. Their surface is virtually non-porous, which means algae and bacteria have no place to go. Not only does this make your pool easier to clean, it prevents guests and family members from getting sick.

Additionally, fiberglass pools are made before being installed on your property. They are designed with the exact measurements you want. Even more, since fiberglass doesn’t have any type of liner, you don’t have to worry about objects puncturing its surface.


 If you’re looking to customize your pool with a unique shape or size, you’ll want to go with a concrete pool. They can be formed based on your specific dimensions and requests. They are also extremely durable and built to last, even if pets or sharp objects scratch the surface. Pool contractors can come up with a unique design that looks nice and serves a functional purpose.

Since concrete pools are porous, you’ll want to pay particular attention to maintenance. Every week or so, it’s a good idea to clean the surface with a wire brush. It helps remove algae and prevents it from building up over time.

The varied in-ground pool options give you the opportunity to build something unique. As long as you assess needs and wants, you can install a pool you’ll be happy with for years.



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