Backyard Pool Building: Frequently Asked Questions

Before customers contact pool builders, they usually have questions and doubts in mind regarding whether a pool can even be installed in their yard. Below are two of the most frequently asked yard-related questions.

What Type of Pool is Most Appropriate for My Backyard?

The most appropriate type of pool for your yard would be one that suits your personal needs and tastes. Ideally, you should stick to what you can afford. Remember that apart from building the pool, you’ll also have to maintain it, so keep that in mind when talking to your pool builder. The good news is there will be a pool design to suit your preferences.

How Long Will it Take to Install a Pool in my Yard?

If your yard has underground high water tables, rocky soil or sloping areas, it will increase the amount of time it takes to install a swimming pool. Attending to the issue of water tables especially, can be a problem because of the work needed to reroute and stop them from leaking into your pool. It may also involve drain installations which will take extra time.

If your yard does not have issues, however, above-ground pools can take between a few hours to a few days to complete. On the other hand, in-ground pools take a little longer to install and range from around three to five weeks. It usually depends on the complexity of the project.

Thanks to modern developments and the knowledge and expertise of pool builders, however, there is a high chance that no matter the issue with your backyard, you can have your dream pool.


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