Backyard Pool Building: Frequently Asked Questions

Before customers contact pool builders, they usually have questions and doubts in mind regarding whether a pool can even be installed in their yard. Below are two of the most frequently asked yard-related questions.

What Type of Pool is Most Appropriate for My Backyard?

The most appropriate type of pool for your yard would be one that suits your personal needs and tastes. Ideally, you should stick to what you can afford. Remember that apart from building the pool, you’ll also have to maintain it, so keep that in mind when talking to your pool builder. The good news is there will be a pool design to suit your preferences. Continue reading


Pool Builders Suggest Swimming Safety Rules for Everyone to Follow


There’s more work to be done once your pool builders in Orange County complete the construction of your backyard pool, such as ensuring safety around the pool area for your entire family and guests. As the owner, it’s your responsibility to establish rules and regulations that guarantee everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

Informing each member of your family about these swimming do’s and don’ts is essential. Print it out and distribute a copy to everyone or, better yet, post it near the pool area to remind everyone to be careful when swimming, especially when kids are around. When hosting a pool party, your guests should also be informed about the safety rules and regulations to avoid accidents. After all, a pool is for fun and enjoyment; rules further its purpose.

The Do’s

Life vest, air cushion, arm floats, and other floating devices should be available and accessible for everyone,especially kids. Only those who know how to properly swim should be allowed in the water unsupervised.Those who don’t know how to swim should be accompanied by someone who can swim and watch over them. Read more on this article.

Steps to Designing Your Pool with the Help of Custom Pool Builders


Turning your backyard into a haven with a stunning pool involves several factors, such as features, landscaping, and lighting. However, one of the most crucial steps in the process is designing the pool itself. The look and layout of your pool can make or break the project.

That’s why it’s essential that you understand how the design process works, even if you’re working with expert pool builders in Orange County, CA.

Define its Purpose

Any home addition should have a purpose. Your pool shouldn’t just look beautiful, but should also be functional for the entire family to fully enjoy. Your design should be based on how you want to use it. Is it mainly for exercise, relaxation, or entertainment? Answering this will help you decide on the size and shape. If it will be used by kids, then you can determine the proper safety tools to add to it as well. Whatever purpose you have in mind, the design should reflect that.Read more on this article.