Pool Additions You May Want to Consider

A pool serves many purposes. It can help enhance health, allow friends and family to bond and interact, relieve stress, and increase a home’s value. It doesn’t stop there though because there’s more you can do to boost a pool’s function.

There’s a wide range of elements and accessories you can add to your pool to enhance it or to make maintenance easier. Experienced pool builders in Orange County can give you tips on these and help you decide on what you need. Here are a few samples:

Color LED and Fiber Optic Lights

These lights can bring your pool area to life. Installed in the pool’s floor or wall, this technology allows the water to glow and light up in different neon colors. This makes your pool a sight to behold when night falls, making it perfect for either a relaxing evening or a party with friends.

Electronic Auto Fill

A pool’s water level drops everyday due to evaporation and frequent use. If you let the level become too low, the filters and pool pumps won’t function efficiently. This is why it’s necessary to maintain the right water level. Doing so, however, could take time and energy. An electronic auto fill can help you with this though. It monitors the water level and fills the pool up automatically.

Salt Water Chlorinator

Salt water chlorinators make it convenient to keep your pool sanitized and chlorinated. When chlorine is needed, the technology facilitates a chemical process that turns salt into chlorine. This eliminates the need for you to manually add chlorine to your pool.

It’s best to discuss such options with your pool builder so that they can guide you along the way.


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