Pool Additions You May Want to Consider

A pool serves many purposes. It can help enhance health, allow friends and family to bond and interact, relieve stress, and increase a home’s value. It doesn’t stop there though because there’s more you can do to boost a pool’s function.

There’s a wide range of elements and accessories you can add to your pool to enhance it or to make maintenance easier. Experienced pool builders in Orange County can give you tips on these and help you decide on what you need. Here are a few samples: Continue reading


Striking Elements Pool Builders Can Add to Make Your Pool Stand Out


Having a pool is great, but sometimes it lacks that wow-factor you’ve been looking for during the summer. No matter how old your deck is, you can give it a makeover by adding these elements to give it more life. These can transform your pool with ease.


The lighting is an integral part of your pool, partly because it has positive effects on mood. There are many great lighting options, but perhaps the most energy-efficient is LED. Featuring directional light, these bulbs can last anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 hours. That means savings for you as a homeowner because you won’t have to replace them regularly.

Fiber optic pool lights are also great to incorporate around your pool because they are easy to replace. It won’t take you longer than five minutes. Additionally, an electric motor can be used to rotate a color wheel for these lights, causing them to change colors for a dramatic effect at night. Because installing lights can get complex, make sure to hire pool builders from Orange County for a simple setup. Read more on this article. http://bit.ly/2mKDRoU

How Pool Builders Can Help You Make the Most Out of Your Home’s Pool


During the summer, when your backyard is surrounded with guests, the pool should be a focal point. There are many ways to spice up your pool, but these ideas in particular allow you to make the most out of them during hot summer days.

Install a Decorative Pool Deck

People want to spend their time around the pool, but the sun may be just too hot. Provide guests with the perfect hangout spot near the pool by setting up a decorative pool deck. Elevated decks allow guests to see others swimming, setting the tone for their summer gatherings. Add a large umbrella to the area, for ample shade and safe experiences outside for hours.

There are many material choices for pool decks, including cedar and composite. The latter is a great option because it’s made out of plastic and recycled wood, a design that gives these decks a smooth surface. Guests therefore don’t have to worry about getting splinters when they are enjoying their time outside. Read more on this article. http://bit.ly/2nvlEQC

Pool Design: The Who and the What

The design of your backyard pool should not just be influenced by aesthetic considerations. The size and shape can affect the way the pool functions and serves your needs. This is why it’s necessary to work well with your pool builder in Orange County so that you can figure out the best pool design based on your needs and preferences. Continue reading