Want a Pool but Have a Small Backyard? No Problem

Many homeowners dream of having their very own pool, but many also have cramped backyards. With the help of an experienced pool builder in Orange County, however, that dream can still come true.

Go for Creative Shapes

Square might be the most popular shape when it comes to pools, but a small backyard is an excellent opportunity to break away from convention. Your pool builder can customize the shape of your pool into forms such as lake-like installations and semi-circles so it can fit into your yard.

Take the Plunge

Short on yard width? Then go for height. Instead of wider pool, you can opt for a deeper one. This is called a plunge pool, and it allows you to go swimming without taking up too much space in your yard.

Do Laps

Now, if you have a yard that’s more of a long strip, then you might want to go with a lap pool. If you think this is too utilitarian, then feel free to ask your pool builder to add features such as a deck or a barbeque area to make it an even more fun part of your property.

Visual Tricks

If a small pool is fine but you’d simply like it to look bigger, then there are ways to make that happen as well. For instance, making the pool reflect the design elements and style of your home makes it blend smoothly with the rest of the house, making the pool look larger than it is. You might also want to look into an infinity pool where the water spills over the edge, creating the illusion of the pool stretching into the horizon.

Whatever you choose, one thing’s for sure— a small yard doesn’t have to stop you from having your own pool area.


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