Pool Contractors: Causes of “Green Swimming Pool” and the Solutions

While “green” is often associated to cleanliness, this does not apply to swimming pools. As pool contractors would advise homeowners, it’s ideal to keep pool water crystal clear not only for aesthetic purposes, but for hygienic reasons as well. Here’s what proud pool owners in Orange County need to know for avoiding the green pool problem.

What Turns the Water Green?

Without routine maintenance, water tends to change color, particularly with the constant usage the pool gets during summers. However, that’s not enough to turn the water green. Presence of algae during warmer months, bacteria build up, improper pH balance and clogged pool filters will most definitely do. Assess the condition of your pool and find out just how green it is. If it’s closer to black, then you might want to call in professionals for draining and acid washing. On the other hand, if it’s fairly manageable, you can turn to less drastic solutions.


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