Pool Design: Why You Should Hire a Contractor

Building a pool doesn’t happen overnight. It requires planning and a sense of direction, as well as help from a qualified contractor who has been at the frontlines, giving clients what they want. Hiring one of these pool professionals gives you the following benefits.

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Pool Contractors: Causes of “Green Swimming Pool” and the Solutions

While “green” is often associated to cleanliness, this does not apply to swimming pools. As pool contractors would advise homeowners, it’s ideal to keep pool water crystal clear not only for aesthetic purposes, but for hygienic reasons as well. Here’s what proud pool owners in Orange County need to know for avoiding the green pool problem.

What Turns the Water Green?

Without routine maintenance, water tends to change color, particularly with the constant usage the pool gets during summers. However, that’s not enough to turn the water green. Presence of algae during warmer months, bacteria build up, improper pH balance and clogged pool filters will most definitely do. Assess the condition of your pool and find out just how green it is. If it’s closer to black, then you might want to call in professionals for draining and acid washing. On the other hand, if it’s fairly manageable, you can turn to less drastic solutions.

Pool Builders Give Tips on Maintaining the Ideal Pool Water Chemistry

Swimming pool maintenance goes beyond the weekly clearing of fallen leaves and letting the filter do its work. One often overlooked aspect is making sure that the pool water chemistry is retained ideal at levels. Proper treatment of the chemicals ensures not only your enjoyment and pristine looking waters but the prevention of potential recurring problems as the years go by. Trusted Orange County pool builders give the following tips.

Proper Operation and Cleaning

Proper operation of the pool and its components goes a long way in terms of maintenance. For instance, filtration or the mechanical cleaning of pool water is essential since no amount of chemical treatment can keep the pool clear. The filter should run at least 8 to 10 hours a day for best results. There are several types of filters in the market today, most common of these are cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth.

How Pool Contractors Create a Masterpiece in a Client’s Own Backyard

Orange County pool contractors are well-known around the state as the best custom pool and spa builders with their unique and classy designs. After all, nothing says good quality family fun than a personal outdoor pool to refresh yourselves.

While most pool builders in Orange County have their own expert pool designers, it is not unheard of for clients to join in the fun in designing their own pools. Here are some of the factors outdoor pool or spa designers consider in creating the most fitting and suitable outdoor water area for your whole family.

Why Hire Pool Builders that Construct Energy-Efficient Outdoor Pools

With global warming as a growing concern, it is no wonder that people are getting more conscious about how they treat their environment. The responsibility not only lies with the government, but also with various private sector companies as well. This is why most businesses tend to favor materials and infrastructures that can be classified an environmentally friendly.

This trend even affects professional pool builders such as those based in Orange County, CA, like Aquanetics Pools and Spas, with their inclusion of energy-efficient outdoor pools in their product portfolio list.

The Importance of Planning in Building a Pool

Building a pool is considered a major construction project. Before you set out and give the go signal to your contractors to start working on the pool, you should first take into careful consideration the planning and design. Here are some tips to help you communicate your ideas better to your pool builders.

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