Pool Water Feature: The Good in Fountains

Pool builders in Orange County, CA know what water features can do to enhance your pool such as those fancy-looking fountains. There are different types of fountains, including floating, wall and pedestal. Each differs in look and feel but they all share the same benefits.

Consider these benefits of adding a pool fountain to your home:

Get Rid of Unwanted Noise

Noise outside of your home or yard can be distracting. They can prevent you from fully resting and relaxing in your own home. Adding a pool fountain, however, addresses this distraction by creating a pleasant sound barrier. Listen to the calming sound of running water instead of your neighbor’s noise; tune out other disturbing sounds; simply sit back and unwind to the natural sound of flowing water in your own backyard.

Relieve Stress

There’s nothing more relaxing than returning home from a busy day, grabbing a drink, and quietly sitting or lying by the pool. The running water from the fountain is believed to offer stress relief. In fact, studies reveal that people living in homes with pool fountains are more relaxed.

Regulate Pool Water

An unused pool results in stagnant water. This means that chemicals and debris remain in the pool long enough to leave a pool dirty and prone to algae growth. Fountains keep circulating the water, making the pool clean and safe.

If you want to enjoy these benefits, then it’s time for you to add a fountain to your pool. You have a range of choices, so make sure to work with a reliable pool builder to select and plan the best fountain for your pool.


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