Pool Contractors: Design Elements to Consider

Building a pool involves several factors, not the least being its design. The way the pool looks and is built is essential to its overall value. This is why you need to consider the design when building a pool. To help you out, here are some design elements you should understand when working with pool contractors serving Orange County:

Shape and Size

Gone are the days when square and kidney-shaped pools dominated home landscapes. With modern techniques, pools can now be shaped based on your yard’s layout and your personal preferences. Just be sure to consider the amount of space your home offers for the pool before approving a design. This way, you can ensure that it will go well with your home.

Decking Options

Decks serve as an attractive pool design feature. They come in different types, such as concrete, limestone, brick pavers and flagstone. You can do a lot with decking. You can extend it to create an outdoor living area in conjunction with your pool, giving you extra space where you and your family can bond or play together.


To boost your pool design’s texture, you can make use of coping, a decorative cap along the edges of a pool. This can help you add a visual edge or blend the design with other materials, boosting the style of your pool.

These are three of the design elements that deserve consideration when building your own pool. Not only will they achieve an excellent aesthetic appeal, they will also improve your pool’s functionality. Reliable pool contractors know about these enhancements and they can help you make the right choice.


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