3 Common Renovations for a Home Swimming Pool

A swimming pool should be appealing and inviting for it to serve its true purpose: a place for relaxation and entertainment. Unfortunately, when it becomes dull and outdated, it turns into a headache and an eyesore instead.

At least once in the entire useful life of a swimming pool, it will likely undergo a major overhaul. Here are a few of the most common renovations for swimming pools that homeowners undertake.


You may want to get new tiles for your pool to make it more attractive as well as to restore those that are cracked or broken. You’ll find a wide array of designs available on the market — from artistic mosaic to lustrous glass tiles.


Decks are an inseparable part of a swimming pool. They not only serve a functional purpose, but also affect its overall appearance. You can opt to resurface them or change their floor styles and materials. You can also have a tile, paver or stone deck built instead.

Pool Equipment

Pool equipment are upgraded every now and then either for repair purposes or for increasing the energy efficiency of a pool. Although high-quality equipment can last for many years without any problems, you may want to replace it with the latest technology to save money on utility bills

If you’re considering a facelift for your swimming pool and are still in the planning stages, it would be wise to get the opinion of a designer or any of your trusted pool builders in Orange County. Their suggestions will make any renovation project worth your while.


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