Three Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs a Facelift

Finally, you have opened up your wallet to add some bells and whistles and remodel your backyard pool. After all, this part of your home is your spot for relaxation and a showplace for your party guests.

If aesthetic is not enough of a reason to give your swimming pool a facelift, these three may just seal the deal.

Cracks and Leaks

When cracks and fractures — whether big or small — begin to show, you can no longer put off your pool’s much needed repair. These are signs that your pool may have more serious issues, such as soil problems. When the moisture of the soil around and under the pool increases, it causes shifting and eventually cracking. When left unattended, these cracks can lead to leaks.

Visible Flaws

Visible flaws, such as stains, don’t necessarily affect your pool’s functionality or cause any major damage, but renovating it will make it more eye-pleasing. Additionally, aesthetic upgrades can increase your property value.

Reduced Efficiency

If your pool has lived a long life of over ten years, then it may be time for a major overhaul. With new technologies, you can make your swimming a lot more energy efficient. Remember that it takes a lot of energy and water to keep the pumps of a pool running, but with renovation, you’d be saving a lot on your bills.

Remodeling a swimming pool is a big project that needs the expertise of a pool builder in Orange County. To avoid any further issues, hire one that has the knowledge and experience to do the renovation.


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