Orange County Pool Builders Prove That Pools Conserve Water and Energy

Aquanetic Pools and Spas, one of the most well-known pool builders serving the Orange County area proves that pools can help in conserving water and energy. Perhaps one of the main reasons people shy away from having a pool installed at their own homes is that it would rack up the water and electric bills. Hiring the right professionals to oversee pool installation, however, will help drive down the costs in the long run.
No matter the depth and size, pools will always end up consuming large amounts of water from the moment they are installed and throughout its operation. Proper maintenance and investing the latest pool cleaning technologies, however, should decrease the need to replace the water from time to time. For example, pool vacuums speed up the process and yield better results than manual cleaning using nets. Since water companies also benefit from having water reservoirs scattered throughout the area, they may lower the rate they charge pool owners.


Orange County Pool Builders Discuss the Many Benefits of Owning a Pool

Orange County pool builders attest that the benefits of owning a pool go beyond just backyard amusement and increased home value. Homeowners who have pools installed may also find that swimming will have several impressive health benefits as well. The summer season is the perfect time to call pool companies for a speedy installation in order to enjoy the advantages of being a pool owner.
No longer will proud pool owners have to make the trip to the local water park just to keep cool during summer. One would think that doing this is much more cost effective than having a pool installed but the cost of taking the tip there actually adds up. Of course, that doesn’t include potential expenses for when a family member contracts an illness at the public pool. With a properly maintained pool at home, this risk can be avoided altogether.

3 Common Renovations for a Home Swimming Pool

A swimming pool should be appealing and inviting for it to serve its true purpose: a place for relaxation and entertainment. Unfortunately, when it becomes dull and outdated, it turns into a headache and an eyesore instead.

At least once in the entire useful life of a swimming pool, it will likely undergo a major overhaul. Here are a few of the most common renovations for swimming pools that homeowners undertake. Continue reading

Professional Pool Contractors Can Do Magic Even for Small Backyards

When the weather is positively scorching, there’s no better relief than a quick dip in your very own swimming pool. A refreshing swim, however, isn’t the only benefit of owning a pool: having one also makes it easier to incorporate swimming into your exercise routine.

That being said, many homeowners feel like their backyards are cramped for space. In fact, real-estate website says that while the average size of the American home is growing, the lots on which they’re built are getting tinier. More precisely, newly constructed single-detached homes are now 24% bigger than they were in the late 90s, while lot sizes have shrunk by 10 percent.

However, don’t think that a small yard is a hindrance to putting in a pool in your home. Orange County pool builders have many tricks up their sleeve to maximize whatever space you have.

Revive Your Old Swimming Pool with Help from Expert Pool Builders

Just like any part of your house, your swimming pool is also subject to wear and tear. For instance, the waterline tiles, once pristine and immaculate-looking, may now be chipped and cracked. The pump that once dutifully supplied water to your pool may now be on its last breath. When you see these things in your own swimming pool, it can mean only one thing: a remodel is in order.

Remodeling your swimming pool will definitely cost a considerable amount of money, so there are important factors that you’ll need to consider first.

Your Lifestyle

Since you’re doing a remodel anyway, now is the perfect time to really assess what you want in a pool. For instance, if you and your family are an outdoorsy bunch, including a deck or a barbecue station next to the pool might be a good idea. If you enjoy a relaxing day at the spa, then you may want to consider adding a spa area to your pool.

Three Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs a Facelift

Finally, you have opened up your wallet to add some bells and whistles and remodel your backyard pool. After all, this part of your home is your spot for relaxation and a showplace for your party guests.

If aesthetic is not enough of a reason to give your swimming pool a facelift, these three may just seal the deal. Continue reading