Steps to Keep Your Pets Safe in Your Pool

Pets are as much a part of your household as any family member. If you’re planning on a brand new pool construction, it’s essential to consider their welfare as well. Not sure where to start? Turn to pool builders in Orange County, CA to ensure that your pets are safe as they enjoy swimming with you and your loved ones.

Invest in a Pool Alarm

This is a clever safety device that’s useful not only for your pets, but also for your children and other residents of your home. It sounds an alarm in the event of any disturbance in your swimming pool. For instance, it’ll give out an alert in case someone has jumped or fallen in the water. You can also opt for alarms that are hardwired into your custom pool or floating.

Install a Pet Ramp

Your pet may always be enthusiastic when jumping into the pool, but they may find it difficult to get out of it. A pet ramp helps them get out of the pool by themselves, and this is especially useful when there’s no one around to supervise them.

Consider Swimming Pool Fencing

Some municipalities in Orange County already require this safety measure. It provides a barrier that prevents both children and pets from getting into the water if there are no adults to watch over them.

If you’re starting on a custom pool project, ask your pool builders to incorporate these measures into your pool area. This should give you peace of mind that your beloved pets are safe and sound every time they join your family for some swimming fun.


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